Sasha's Slowing Down

Meet Sasha, she is a beautiful 14 year old senior girl who loves nothing more than snuggling her human on the couch for hours on end if she is allowed.

Sasha came to see us for her annual vaccinations, when it was noticed on examination her reluctance to have her hind legs rotated and extended. Dr Lisa felt this was a sign that Sasha may be feeling uncomfortable in these joints and further investigation would be required.

As part of Sasha's routine senior health check a blood and urine sample was taken to further examine her internal health. All of Sasha's internal organs were functioning well so she was booked in for some x-rays the following week.

Sasha's x-rays revealed some arthritic changes taking place in her hips, thus the reason for her discomfort.

At home Sasha was described as 'lazy' as she would sit on the couch or find a sunny spot in the window and nap there all day, only rising to get some snacks or go to the toilet.  She was otherwise eating and seeming normal but just slowing down.

Dr Lisa started Sasha on some anti-inflammatory medication and an arthritis injection course.

Within the week, Sasha's family had already noticed quite a dramatic turnaround in her general demeanor, she was wanting to involve herself in more of the families daily routines by coming up and smooching their legs while trying to prepare dinner and jumping on them while trying to read the newspaper.  All of these slightly annoying but lovely behaviors and subtleties had stopped but her family had just put it down to her being 'lazy' and 'getting old'.  Sasha's family love having her back a part of the family again.

Sasha will remain on arthritis treatment to ensure she stays as comfortable as possible for the years to come and will continue annoying her humans in the most loving way.

Our pets go through much of the same aging processes as us, the main difference is their ability to let us know about them.  As a default our pets will try to hide any discomfort and try to be as stoic as possible.  Having routine and regular check-ups, particularly with our senior pets, may pick up some changes that we were otherwise unaware of.

If you have any questions or concerns about your ageing pet, please contact our friendly staff to book an appointment.