Puppy Pre-School at our clinic

One of the many wonderful services we offer at our clinic is the Puppy Preschool program. One of our recent classes featured a Labrador, a Groodle and an Australian Terrier.

The first day of the program is very much like the first day of school; pups can be nervous and often overwhelmed by many new sights and smells. While most of the participating pups have not yet met another dog, let alone a playful puppy, we help these interactions by taking things slowly so each of our paw-ticipants can become familiar with their surroundings. We also take note of what senses may frighten your puppy and what helps them feel most comfortable. Often, our class if full of very shy and cautious puppies, some are even to scared to leave their owners side! This is completely normal and it is important to not force puppies into situations they are not comfortable with. With positive reinforcement, gradual exposure to other puppies and some treats, these three pups become the best of friends! By the end of our program, these pups were out of their shells and socialising brilliantly. Watching your little fluff balls grow into their own personalities and form friendships with other pups is one the best parts of our program.

To find out more about the Puppy Pre-School program, speak to one of our friendly team members during your next appointment.