Meet Oscar - Vomiting and Foreign Body Ingestion

Meet Oscar, our patient of the month. Oscar is a one year old pup that had come into the clinic as he had been vomiting since the night before. Oscar was treated with an anti-nausea injection and a bland diet which stopped his vomiting, but the following day Oscar still wasn’t quite right – he wasn’t interested in his food which was very unlike him. Being a young dog known to eat his toys, we were suspicious.  X-rays of his abdomen were taken, which showed Oscar had ingested not one, but two foreign bodies – one in his stomach, and another that had moved to his intestine.  Oscar had an intestinal obstruction and needed emergency surgery.

Dr Lisa and our amazing team of nurses performed an exploratory laparotomy to remove what turned out to be two pieces of rubber from Oscar’s stomach and intestine. Oscar recovered uneventfully from surgery and was discharged home to his loving parents later that night. The following day Oscar was hoovering down his food like nothing had happened! While Oscar’s parents don’t know what he managed to get a hold of they are delighted with his recovery and are glad to have their happy, boisterous boy back.

Vomiting can occur for any number of reasons, so if your pet starts vomiting, please make an appointment to see one of our vets.