Meet Henry

Henry is a cute 7 month old Beagalier puppy, who loves nothing more than running around and playing with his human family. Henry was playing around at home when his owner heard some quite distressing yelping coming from the backyard. They immediately ran to inspect what was happening and found Henry’s lower jaw stuck in one of the children’s metal toy teapots. Although this situation seems quite comical, poor Henry was understandably very distressed and as he thrashed around and pawed at the teapot, and he was in danger of causing further damage to his teeth, gums, lips and jaw.

Henry was rushed down to see us for examination and treatment. Dr Andrew assessed Henry and due to the distressing nature of the situation and the possible risks of further injury it was decide that Henry would need to be anaesthetised to further examine and extract the teapot without causing further damage to Henry.

Henry was taken to the hospital where he immediately had an intravenous catheter places and given a general anaesthetic. Once Henry was anesthetised Dr Andrew discovered how lodged the teapot actually was and with the assistance of some bolt cutters was able to remove the teapot with no further damage to Henry. Dental X-rays were also taken to ensure no further damage was done to Henry’s jaw or teeth. Everything was looking great on X-rays, with no signs of fractures or damage to the area.

Henry was very lucky to escape this situation with a clean bill of health and no further treatment required. Henry was seen a month later for another toy related issue after eating the stuffing from a fluffy toy! Luckily Henry recovered from this too, with just some diet changes to help him through. While we love seeing Henry we hope for his parent’s sake he keeps it to routine visits from now on.