Jake and his allergy problem

Spring and summer means that a lot of our patients are suffering from skin allergies, typically seasonal and contact. These patients can often be managed with medicated shampoos, avoidance and medications when required. However sometimes we see patients who have skin allergies year-round, and for these patients it can be difficult to manage their skin disease. 

Meet Jake, a 10 year old German Shepherd who belongs to Dr Lisa. Jake has atopy. Since he was a year of age, he has been itchy and unfortunately his itchiness has been difficult to control. Despite various medications, he was constantly scratching and chewing himself raw. Recently a new medication has been launched in Australia called Cytopoint. Cytopoint (Lokivetmab) acts to interrupt the itch signal being sent to the brain thereby stopping our canine friends from feeling itchy. Dr Lisa trialled this medication on Jake and is pleased to report that she has finally found something that reduces Jake's itchiness and makes him comfortable! Both Jake and Dr Lisa are very pleased with this outcome. Jake has recently had his third injection of Cytopoint and is still itch-free.