COVID-19 New Puppy Support

Do you have a new puppy?

Interested in enrolling you new furry friend to our Puppy Pre-School?. The main aim of our puppy school is to teach your pup how to socialise in a positive manner. We focus on:

  • Your puppy's development
  • Health and nutrition
  • Puppy socialisation
  • Communication and body language
  • Calm and positive handling
  • Common puppy behaviours
  • Learning for life
  • Creating a safe space
  • Environmental enrichment and play

The price is $150 for 5 one-hour sessions, these will all take place at The Blackburn Vet. Your puppy must have had at least their first vaccination and be between the age of 8 to 16 weeks on the starting date. Each session combines basic manners and training with safe, fun and calm socialisation, along with the latest information to provide the best care in keeping your puppy happy and healthy.

Please call or email us and ask to speak to our puppy school instructor.