Vet finds large rock in Rollo

Rollo is an 18 month old British Bulldog who recently visited us as he was quite unwell. For two days he had been vomiting and his appetite was poor. When we examined Rollo, an abnormality could be felt in his abdomen. Given this and how unwell he appeared, x-rays were conducted to find out what could be hiding in Rollo's stomach.

The x-rays revealed a large foreign object located in Rollo's stomach. Exploratory surgery was undertaken to relieve Rollo of this obstruction. Once the stomach was entered, a large, smooth river rock was found and was promptly removed.
The river rock removed from Rollo's stomach

Rollo made an uneventful recovery from the surgery and we are very pleased to report that he is now home and eating happily. We hope his appetite for large stones never returns!