Tribute to Nash

In 2012 we had a very special chocolate Labrador puppy by the name Nash who stole our hearts. From a very early age Nash was fighting an up hill battle against many health issues including Addison's Disease. Due to Nash's conditions he became a frequent visitor and we all looked forward to his visits and seeing his wagging tail, but most of all we just wanted to see him get better. 

Nash was our little "wombat" that never seemed to grow up. With him hopping on all four legs when he got excited making it impossible not to put a smile on your face. On his bad days we knew we could make everything that little bit better with a hand full of liver treats and a veggie pig's ear.

This very special Labrador was lucky to have an amazing family who loved, adored and fought with him right until the end of his very short 13 month life. All the staff at Blackburn Vet Centre miss him dearly and he will always be remembered.