Tootsie's sore ears

Tootsie recently visited us with a very common problem - she was shaking her head and pawing at her ears quite frequently. Her owner informed us that Tootsie had recently developed a habit of digging up lots of dirt in the backyard at home and subsequently burying her head in the new hole she had happily created! Unfortunately for Tootsie, this situation lead to a build up of dirt and wax in the ears, with this eventually resulting in sore, infected ears.

In this case, we elected to proceed straight to a full ear flush while Tootsie was under a general anaesthetic; sometimes the only way to give the ears a good chance of recovery is to clean them out thoroughly with lots of flushing solution. However this is something that is very difficult and potentially painful to do with a fully conscious dog or cat. Having Tootsie asleep allowed us to do the procedure quickly and with no discomfort to her. Once the ears were cleaned out it was easy to see that both ear canals were sore and inflamed. Tootsie required a course of medication that is applied directly into both ear canals and within days her ears were causing her much less discomfort. After a two week course of treatment we can happily report that Tootsie is now doing very well and hopefully not creating too many more holes in her backyard!