Thierry consumes meat tray sachet

Thierry is a 4 year old black and white cat who found a meat tray that had been left out. Obviously it smelt very appealing! Unfortunately, so did the absorbency sachet which was still on the tray. In fact, Thierry decided to eat part of the sachet. His owner brought Thierry into the clinic when the half eaten sachet was noticed.

Our veterinarian determined the sachet had been eaten in the last thirty minutes, and so would likely be still be in Thierry's stomach. Thierry was given medication to make him vomit. This worked quickly and Thierry brought up many pieces of sachet contents and plastic lining. He certainly enjoyed the meal!

After putting all the pieces of the sachet (see picture) back together, we concluded most of it were out of Thierry's stomach. Whilst the moisture absorbency sachets found in most meat trays generally do not have toxic ingredients, they still have the potential to cause serious harm. Once eaten they absorb the natural fluids in the gastrointestinal tract and swell up very quickly. This has the potential to cause significant bowel irritation and even bowel blockage, requiring surgery to remove.

Thankfully, Thierry's owner's prompt action ensured a speedy recovery.