The amazing things a cat will eat - meet Porscha

Porscha is a 20 week old domestic shorthair cat who presented to us with a concerning problem. Her owners had noticed her retching quite frequently the morning we saw her and they were understandably very concerned about what was happening with their new addition to the family. During examination, Porscha was quite uncomfortable in her throat, and retched on numerous occasions.

Porscha was quickly admitted to hospital for x-rays under a general anaesthetic so our veterinary team could determine the exact cause of her problem. Once asleep, the problem was revealed thanks to an x-ray of her head and neck and examination of her mouth and throat. The x-ray (pictured) showed two sewing needles, side by side, lodged at the back of her mouth! Fortunately for Porscha, she had swallowed these needles blunt side first, and the sharp end of the needles had attached to the roof of her mouth right at the base of her tongue.

These were promptly and easily removed while still under general anaesthesia; miraculously, no damage was evident in the surrounding delicate structures and very mild bruising was present where the needles had embedded. Additionally, a small amount of thread was attached to these needles; this was also removed and had thankfully inflicted no harm on young Porscha. Since the incident, she has made a full recovery and is going from strength to strength - a very lucky kitten!