Tabitha survives car accident

Five year old Tabitha went for a wander one evening and returned home looking very flat and uncomfortable. Her upset owner brought her to us promptly. Tabitha had significant injuries to her face. We suspected that she may had been injured on the road. Her injuries included a badly broken tooth and a very sore jaw and ear. Tabitha was given pain relief immediately and started on an intravenous fluid. When she was stable, an anaesthetic was administered so Tabitha's broken tooth could be removed and her gums stitched up.

Our team examined Tabitha's jaw and ear, and found that she had broken her lower jaw (her mandible) in the middle. We secured this with a wire to repair it. A feeding tube was put into Tabitha's throat so she could obtain nutrition while her jaw was healing. Tabitha's ear suffered bruising and cuts, as well as damage to the nerve running nearby.

Tabitha recovered well after her surgery and started to eat within two days. She has been back for regular check ups and her jaw is healing well. If all goes to plan, the wire will be removed soon and hopefully Tabitha will stay out of mischief!