Sully's pelvic injury

Sully, a very handsome 8 month old British short hair, visited us earlier this month as he was unable to stand on one of his back legs. His owners were worried as Sully hadn't come in for dinner the night before and didn't seem his usual self.

Examination revealed pain and discomfort in the area of his pelvis, but x-rays were needed to work out what was going on. Sully was admitted to the hospital and the x-rays showed there was a fracture in his pelvis at the ischium (the lower part of the hip bone). It was becoming clear that Sully had been in an accident the night before and was one very lucky cat.

Due to the large number of muscles surrounding the pelvis, many pelvic fractures heal very well with rest and confinement. He was sent home later that day with pain relief and instructions for strict bed rest for 2 weeks.

Sully is now using his hind leg and recovering very well. He is allowed to quietly explore the house and will return shortly for repeat x-rays to assess how the fracture has healed.