Subi's bad habit causes a problem

Subi is a young Maltese X Shih Tzu who recently visited us as she was feeling very unwell. Her owners had noticed Subi had not been interested in food for over a day, and she had been vomiting and seemed to appear quite lethargic. When Subi was initially examined by one of the veterinarians, an unusual thickening associated with her bowel could be felt in her abdomen.

X-rays were taken and these increased our suspicion that a section of Subi's bowel was abnormal and not functioning appropriately. To allow further evaluation, and with an aim to remedy any concerns, we elected to perform exploratory surgery on Subi's abdomen.

During surgery, it quickly became clear what had happened. Subi has a bad habit of chewing socks at home and unfortunately on this occasion, she had managed to consume an entire sock! The sock became lodged in a section of her small intestine and caused an obstruction. Our veterinarian promptly removed this via a small incision in her intestine to allow access to the offending sock.

We are pleased to report that Subi recovered well from surgery and her owners are now extra careful about leaving any clothing about the house!