Stardust, a 21 year old Senior star

Meet Stardust, a 21 year old domestic short haired cat, who has been visiting our clinic since 1997. She is a beautiful girl who regularly visits the clinic for Senior Health Checks. Through blood and urine testing performed on Stardust over the years we were able to detect early renal disease in 2007. Since then Stardust has had a change of diet in order to support her kidney health and we have been continuing to perform tests on Stardust every 3 to 6 months in order to monitor her kidney function.

When Stardust visited the clinic recently for her Senior Health Check her owner mentioned that she has been slowing down and not wanting to jump up and down anymore. On examination Dr. Helen Vanderbom was able to determine that she is suffering from arthritis. We started her on a course of Pentosan injections which are aimed at helping joint health and will hopefully help Stardust get around easier especially in the colder months.

With our Senior Care Program we aim to increase the life expectancy of patients like Stardust. We do this by placing an emphasis on preventative healthcare in order to detect problems in their early stages so we are able to begin treatment sooner. If you would like to learn more about our Senior Care Program, please contact us on 9897 422 or click on the link below.