Splint and rest heal Boss' leg

Boss at 13 weeks, his leg all bandaged up.

Boss is a 17 week old Border Collie who visited us some weeks ago after he fractured the tibia in his right hindleg. The initial x-rays indicated that the bone affected had not been displaced significantly, so we elected to apply a supportive splint and bandage to the affected leg to allow the fracture to heal.

While the leg was splinted, Boss had to be kept rested and confined to ensure a speedy recovery. His owners work long hours so Boss boarded at our clinic during this time so we could keep an eye on him and his splint. He has been a terrific puppy to work with, and he now has a very special place in the hearts of the staff at Blackburn Vet Centre.

We are pleased to report that the latest x-rays indicate the fracture is healing very well, and Boss is now free of his splint. He will still need many weeks of rest and restricted exercise but he is well on his way to full strength once more!

Boss at 17 weeks, splint and bandage free!