Sophie's weak bladder

Sophie is a seven year old Heeler cross who recently visited us because she was urinating with poor control. Her owners would often find puddles of urine on her bed after sleeping and the problem had become quite frequent when we examined her. To help determine the exact nature of Sophie's problem, blood and urine testing was conducted to investigate and rule out some of the many potential causes of this change observed by Sophie's owners.

Fortunately for Sophie, no concerning abnormalities were detected on her tests, and it was deemed that her urinary incontinence was likely due to low oestrogen levels in her blood. Consequently, Sophie was placed on medication to correct this.

We are happy to report that her poor bladder control is now a thing of the past! Sophie will most likely stay on a low dose of the medication ongoing for the rest of her life, with usually only one tablet per week required to maintain good bladder control.