Sophie the Rottweiler's toothache

Sophie is the loveliest, most gentle Rottweiler around. So when she came in for her health checkup it was no problem for Dr Andrew to give her a thorough examination, including the inside of her mouth. Her owner was concerned - the teeth on the left hand side of Sophie's mouth were as perfect as when they first erupted 6 years ago. But the right hand side teeth were showing signs of plaque and tartar build up. Sophie was allocated a Grading of 2 (out of 4) for the severity of her dental disease.

A combination of the clinical examination findings plus dental x-rays and periodontal pocket measurements identified the problem: Sophie's right lower fourth premolar was in trouble. The tooth was badly diseased, causing local discomfort and hence a tendency for Sophie to only chew on the left hand side. This explains the build up of plaque and tartar on the right hand side.

After showing perfect pre-anaesthetic blood results, Sophie was given a general anaesthetic. The offending tooth was extracted and the gum sutured. Local nerve blocks and pain relief injections and tablets meant that Sophie had a very comfortable recovery and recuperation.

She is now eating well again - on both sides!