Smokey's big adventure

Smokey, a beautiful domestic long hair cat, was recently brought in to the clinic by two lovely people who had found him straying around outside their home. Unfortunately he wasn't wearing a collar with any identification, so it was a mystery as to who his owners really were.

The couple who found Smokey took great care of him before he was brought down to the vets for a check up. Dr Belinda Willis examined Smokey and noticed that he was not desexed, he had many matts and was a little thin, but not injured. As with all stray animals we always scan stray pets to check for a microchip. To our surprise Smokey did have a microchip!This was a fantastic finding as now we could find Smokey's true owners.

Dr Belinda then called Central Animal Records a company that holds a database and contact details of all microchipped pets. To our delight the owners were contacted and Smokey was reunited with them. Smokey has been missing for several weeks and was lucky not to be injured. Dr Belinda advised getting him desexed as soon as possible to help control his wandering ways. If it wasn't for his microchip he may never have been reunited with his worried family.

This is a lovely story that has a fantastic ending. It emphasises the point in how microchipping is so important for finding a lost pet and because it is a permanent form of identification, no matter what adventure your pet has it will never fall out.