Silky Terrier Cleo finds a loving new home

Cleo, a beautiful and affectionate 6 year old Silky Terrier cross, came to the clinic back in April after being found as a stray. Unfortunately she had some severe health issues that needed urgent attention including ear and skin infections, dental disease as well as being riddled with fleas and she was very underweight. She also had not been desexed, microchipped or wormed.

Cleo stayed with us here in hospital and received treatment for her health concerns. Once her general health had improved enough she had a major day in surgery which included her being spayed, a dental scale and polish, x-rays, lump removal, microchip and ear flush. We also vaccinated, wormed and treated her for fleas.

We are so happy to report that not long after her surgery she was adopted to a very loving home and is currently doing very well. As well as finding a great owner, Cleo now lives with a Schnauzer cross named Dixon and seems to have definietly made herself a great friend!