Ruby and her beautiful pups

This is Ruby, a lovely 1 and a half year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Since Ruby was a puppy her owners had planned to breed from her when she was old enough. When Ruby was mature she was mated to a Poodle. Ruby's owners brought her into the clinic during her pregnancy to ensure that she was up to date with her de-worming and vaccinations, and her pregnancy was proceeding normally.

On a very warm January day Ruby naturally gave birth to six adorable puppies, one of which unfortunately died shortly after she was born. Ruby and her five puppies visited us the next day for a check up, all the pups were examined and weighed by the veterinarian. The three female and two male puppies were all in excellent health.

Ruby's owners were very diligent in carefully monitoring Ruby for any post partum problems and ensuring she was eating a good quality and high energy diet to keep up with all her puppies. The pups were also carefully monitored to ensure they were all feeding well and gaining weight. We are very pleased that Ruby and her puppies are all doing exceptionally well.