Rosie's story - a bladder problem solved

Rosie recently visited our clinic after her owner noticed she was having difficulty urinating. She was passing small amounts of urine frequently, and it also contained blood. There are a number of reasons why a dog may have blood in their urine. Therefore, our vet recommended further tests.

Initially Rosie had her urine tested at the clinic. The results showed that she had large amounts of blood along with bacteria and crystals (salts) in her urine. These findings were abnormal and indicated that Rosie had a bladder infection but may also have some stones (made up of crystals) in her bladder. Both of these factors could irritate the bladder and lead to blood in the urine.

The next step was to x-ray Rosie's bladder to look for bladder stones. Rosie had one large bladder stone in her bladder. This stone needed to be surgically removed. Rosie had surgery later that week and the bladder stone was removed successfully.

Rosie recovered very well from the procedure and is now urinating normally and without a trace of blood. She will however require close monitoring of her urine to ensure that the crystals don't reoccur. Changing Rosie diet to a special prescription diet will also help this problem from reoccuring.