Puppy the Shar Pei and her common eye problem

Puppy is a 5 week old Shar Pei who visited us with sore, swollen eyes. It was only recently that she opened her eyes for the first time, but once open, her owners soon noticed something was wrong.

When examined, it soon became obvious that Puppy's upper and lower eyelids on both sides were rolling in abnormally; this was causing quite a bit of irritation to the surface of both eyes.

This problem is quite common in young Shar Peis, especially given the amount of excess skin around their faces. Fortunately, it is a problem which can be addressed by tightening the skin around the eyes with carefully placed stitches. This results in the eyelids turning out to a normal position and provides great relief to the eye surface. The stitches can be left in for up to three weeks, and if all goes well, may lead to a permanent fix of the problem.

Occasionally, surgery is required if the problem relapses. This surgery corrects the problem permanently, but can only be done once an animal becomes fully grown.