Precious and a case of hyperthyroidism

Precious was diagnosed and was being treated for hyperthyroidism. This disease is common in older cats. It can cause weight loss, heart disease, high blood pressure and hair coat and temperament changes. One possible treatment for this involves twice daily lifelong tablet medication, which Precious had been prescribed (and hated!)

Precious had decided to make her mum's life as difficult as possible. Tablet time had become nearly impossible, with lots of hiding, sulking and grumpiness (from both parties!)

Fortunately, we were able to find an alternative for Precious. Through a compounding pharmacy, we were able to request a gel containing the correct dose of medication that could be absorbed transdermally. This means that by smearing a small amount gel on Precious' ear, she could get her twice daily medication and stay healthy. Precious and her owner are much happier with this arrangement.

If your pet requires ongoing medication, it is essential that they get it. If tableting is proving difficult, ask us about alternatives.