Phantom the Belgian Shephard defies the odds

Phantom is an 8 year old Belgian Shepherd who presented to the clinic back in February 2007 with some subtle behavioural changes. Phantom could no longer coordinate jumping onto the couch, he was bumping into things and he could only circle in a clockwise pattern.

A thorough clinical and neurological examination pointed to one thing, Phantom's strange behaviour was most likely attributable to an "intra-cranial lesion" - most likely a brain tumour.

The diagnosis was confirmed with a CT Scan - but everyone was amazed by the large size of the tumour! It was incredible that Phantom could function at all. His prognosis at this stage was poor.

But what is most amazing of all is the fact that at the time of writing this almost 18 months later, Phantom is doing extremely well. This is thanks to the help from the team at Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre and their tailor made chemotherapy protocol.

Phantom has coped with chemotherapy very well (as most dogs do). No apparent nausea, no hair loss and has a great appetite.

All the vets cannot believe how Phantom has defied the odds, and his owners are ecstatic to have their beautiful boy back, still healthy and happy.

Well done Phantom!