Peggy's ear issue

Peggy recently visited us as her owners were concerned that one of her ears was quite sore. She had been walking through long grass the morning we saw her, and while they were returning home, the owners realised something was wrong. Peggy was pawing at her right ear constantly and couldn't stop shaking her head.

When we examined Peggy, we placed a small instrument called an otoscope into her right ear; this allows us to examine the ear canal visually all the way down to the ear drum. In this case, the otoscope revealed the cause of the problem straight away. At the bottom of her ear canal, a long and sharp grass seed had become wedged near Peggy's ear drum. Understandably, this was causing her a great deal of discomfort.

With a light sedation given, we were able to quickly and safely remove the offending seed and gave the ear a thorough clean-out too.

Peggy recovered very well and was sent home with pain relief and antibiotics to ensure she was comfortable and to minimise the risk of any infection developing in the affected ear.