Not happy Jan! Brandy's day at the park ends at the clinic

Meet Brandy, a 2 and half year old Beagle, who belongs to our vet nurse, Michelle. While on a walk Brandy was off the lead running through long grass enjoying herself until she received a nasty shock.

Brandy was stung by an insect, most likely a bee or wasp. Soon after she began to have an allergic reaction to the sting. Her face began to swell (as seen in the picture) and she became very itchy and irritated.

Brandy was taken straight to the clinic for treatment. She received anti-histamine injections and soon after the swelling and other side effects began to subside.

Reactions vary from animal to animal; they can be quite mild or more severe as in Brandy's case. Bee and wasp stings are common at this time of year and just like humans, many pets are allergic to them. It is therefore in your pet's best interest to bring them to the clinic for an examination and treatment.