No more stick catching for Gypsy

We all think it's fun to throw a stick for our dogs but sometimes it can end badly. Gypsy is a 5 year old Staffy who loves to chase and catch things but he won't be allowed to play with sticks anymore. One night Gypsy was having a fun catching and returning the stick. Unfortunately one end of the stick drove into the ground and Gypsy ran straight into the sharp point which was sticking up, causing a deep wound in Gypsy's tongue.

Gypsy was very sad and sore, and refused to eat. We could see he had injured his tongue but it was too sore for us to check it properly so we gave him some sedation and pain relief.

It was now obvious that he had a deep wound entering the right side of his tongue. The stick had cut through 8cm of his tongue and had pushed a further 8cm hole up towards his throat. There was also a piece of timber which had splintered off the stick and was caught in the wound.

After the removal of the splinter and cleaning up of the wound, Gypsy was woken up and sent home with antibiotics and pain relief. Thankfully the tongue heals very quickly and Gypsy was all better in seven days.

Gypsy had a lucky escape from this injury. Sticks can cause terrible penetrating wounds and nasty infections. We suggest dog owners take care and opt for safer throw toys with your pets. If you are unsure, please visit and talk to us for some ideas.