Lucky Zac walks freely after car accident

Meet Zac, the beautiful 1 and a half year old male Samoyed, who presented at the clinic immediately after being hit by a car. X-rays revealed that he had suffered a fractured radius as a result.

The radius is one of the two bones that form part of your forearm, between your elbow and wrist. Zac was a great candidate for internal repair of his fracture: He was young, the fracture was "closed" (i.e. no bones were poking through his skin), the radius is well supported by the other bone in the forearm (the ulna) and the fracture was largely non-displaced.

In addition, Zac had a great demeanor and a supportive family that would provide great post-operative care. So after Zac's other wounds were treated and he'd recovered from the initial shock following the accident, he was taken to surgery where plate and screw implants were used to repair the fracture.

It's now six weeks since the accident and progress x-rays reveal a healthy healing bone. Zac is now enjoying a normal happy active lifestyle.