Lola in hot oil!

Lola, the 11½ year old yellow Labrador, is a very special dog. Not only is she a truly delightful canine in her own right, she also has the esteemed honour of being a guide dog. Obviously her owner is dedicated to Lola, and vice versa. So it was quite a shock when Lola accidentally stood in hot cooking oil that had spilt on the floor!

Oil can reach temperatures much higher than boiling water. Lola received severe burns to her foot pads and interdigital skin, resulting in painful blisters and inflammation. Interestingly, it is reported that third degree (full skin thickness) burns are not as painful as more superficial burns due to the fact that the sensory nerve endings are rendered inoperative by the heat.

Burn management involves protection of the site from external contamination (bandaging), control of infection (antibiotics) and monitoring of fluid loss (not too bad in Lola's case).

Lola's beautiful demeanour has meant she has tolerated the foot bathing and dressing changes every two days without the need for any sedation or restraint. Well done Lola! You will soon be back at work caring for your owner.