Lewis the Pekinese braves bladder stones

Lewis is a lovely 8 year old Pekinese who had his first bout of bladder stones in September 2003. Lewis has been a regular patient at the Blackburn Veterinary Centre since March 2004 with bladder infections and back pain.

On the 16th of June Dr Andrew obtained a urine sample from Lewis which was sent to a laboratory for testing and Lewis was also hospitalised at the clinic for some abdominal x-rays. The x-ray revealed bladder stones in Lewis’s bladder just like pebbles from the garden!!

A cystotomy was performed by Dr Andrew with the assistance of Dr Belinda to remove the bladder stones. The surgery took around one hour it was a complex procedure. The anaesthetic was monitored by veterinary nurse Alex Walters (pictured below). Lewis was given intravenous fluids and pain relief pre and post operatively to help lessen the discomfort. Lewis was allowed to recuperate at home with his mum and is now on a special diet to prevent the bladder stones reforming.