Lachie's sudden drinking and urinating problem

Lachie is a 10 year old Poodle x Bichon Frise who recently visited us because his owners had noticed he was drinking and urinating excessively. This had been a sudden change for Lachie and understandably, his owners were quite concerned. Preliminary testing indicated that a large amount of sugar was present in his urine. This is commonly associated with diabetes mellitus, a condition where either not enough insulin is being produced, or the insulin available in his body is not being utilised properly. Insulin is essentially a hormone which aids blood sugar management and directs the sugar to where it is needed most.

Further testing was done to confirm Lachie did indeed have diabetes and also to rule out any other underlying medical problems which may have lead to or caused diabetes. Fortunately no other problems were detected on these additional tests and therapy to help manage his blood sugar was implemented.

Lachie is currently receiving insulin therapy by injection, twice per day given by his owners. We are very pleased to report Lachie is showing improvement and responding to treatment well.