Kitty's trip to the dentist

Kitty recently visited us as she was due for a routine check-up. During the examination, one of the vets discovered that Kitty had quite a bit of staining on her teeth towards the back of her mouth.

This staining was tartar, which develops when bacteria attach to teeth and are not fully removed or cleaned off; once attached, more bacteria can accumulate and attach, leading to tartar build up and staining.

This sort of problem often doesn't develop, or at least not to the same extent, in humans due to routine brushing and periodic cleaning at your dentist.

Just like us, your pets require routine dental check ups and, if necessary, their teeth may need cleaning and polishing periodically too, especially as they start to get a bit older.

If this staining is left untreated, and develops further, problems such as tooth abscesses, tooth loss, bone infections, kidney infections and heart infections can develop.

This makes early detection of dental disease vital; if a problem is found early, we can often save the teeth and prevent dental disease becoming a problem later in life.

After your pets teeth are cleaned, using the same equipment you would find at your local dentist, your vet will outline a dental plan that best suits your pet, with the aim of keeping the teeth and gums as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

If your vet needs to clean and polish your pet's teeth, they will need to undergo a general anaesthetic just like Kitty has had to allow us to fully examine their mouth, assess the health of their teeth and gums, and allow us to perform any treatments required.

This is all done with the utmost care; the safety and well-being of your pet is put first at all times - all anaesthetics are heavily monitored by a trained veterinary team, and all measures are taken to ensure a safe and pleasant anaesthetic experience.

If you feel your pet needs their teeth checked, or you have any other questions relating to your pet's dental health, please contact us to arrange a free dental check-up.