Kittles' mystery disappearance and injuries

This is a story of Kittles, a beautiful 1 year old silver tabby boy, who presented to us after being missing from home for 2 days. Kittles was battered and bruised and was very sore around his hindquarters. It was highly likely that he had had an altercation with a car.

Kittles was admitted to hospital for intensive care to manage his shock and provide top shelf pain relief. Once he was more comfortable x-rays were taken of his chest to make sure there was no damage there. This being the case we proceeded with a brief general anaesthetic and further x-rays. It was revealed that poor Kittles had a fractured pelvis and a fracture of his right femur near his hip joint.

While the pelvic fractures were likely to heal with time and strict rest, surgery was required to solve the problem of his broken "ball & socket" hip joint. The fractured femoral head was actually removed from the socket. Kittles now has no right hip joint- the leg is supported by the strong gluteal muscles only.

Kittles was discharged from hospital a few days later much to the delight of his concerned family. Although under strict post operative instructions, Kittles is doing extremely well- he's pain free and doesn't even have a limp!