Hudson's elbow pain


Meet Hudson, Nurse Michelle's delightful young Bernese Mountain Dog. He popped into the clinic for his Adolescent Wellness Check recently.

As part of his Wellness Check, Hudson underwent a complete physical examination.  At 40kg he was growing nicely and he has the most beautiful temperament in town. Unfortunately however, we detected pain in both his elbow joints.  

Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of many large dog breeds which are at risk of Elbow Dysplasia.  This is a syndrome of growth deformities affecting the elbow joints. If not detected early, it will lead to degenerative joint disease of the elbows and arthritis at an early age. Patients can suffer elbow pain for their whole life. 

Hudson returned promptly for radiographs to investigate our concerns further. The radiographs of his elbows confirmed our suspicions. In both joints there was inflammation, bone damage and poor joint alignment. Hudson then visited the local surgical specialist centre to clean out the abnormal cartilage in his joints.

We're pleased to report that Hudson is recovering very well. The hardest part of his post-operative care is trying to keep him resting. Hudson loves to use his new and improved elbows! Thankfully, with early detection of his condition, Hudson has a good prognosis for the future. 

At Blackburn Vet Centre we love to see your puppies and kittens again between eight and nine months old for the Adolescent Wellness Check. Not just because they're adorable - it's a great time to check for developmental problems, address behavioural difficulties and ensure preventative care is covered at this vulnerable time of life.