Hilde's a proud mum, again!

After successful mating, Scottish Terrier Hilde was pregnant with four puppies. However, she have had some difficulties whilst giving birth previously so it was decided a caesarean would be performed to reduce any risks for Hilde and her puppies.

Two days before Hilde was due to give birth, we took pre-anaesthetic blood tests and the results indicated she was going well. On her due date Hilde came back to the clinic for her surgery.

There are special considerations for anaesthetics on expecting mums to limit risk to the puppies. Fortunately all went very smoothly for Hilde and now she is the proud mum of four beautiful pups - two boys and two girls!

Hilde is thriving in her role as mum. She is doing such a great job that the pups are already at 500gms at just two weeks old. All the puppies are on regular worming and will be back to the clinic soon for their first vaccinations. The team can't wait to see them again!

If you are planning to breed or your dog is pregnant and would like to find out more information, our website has plenty of information on breeding and pregnancy.

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