Gracie nurtures her puppies

Gracie is a 3 year old Dachshund who recently gave birth to seven beautiful puppies. It was Gracie's first litter and while performing her natural routine of cleaning her puppies after they had been born, she accidentally tore the umbilical cord too close to the skin on one of them. This can occur quite easily and the puppies should be checked for this after the mother has cleaned and assisted the puppies. Wisely, Gracie's owners brought the affected puppy to us straight away for assessment.

The main concern for the puppy was the bleeding occurring at the site of the tear. As it was not responding to pressure on the area, a local anaesthetic block was applied and small stitches were required to repair the tear and halt the bleeding. The repair went smoothly and the puppy was discharged later the same day.

We are pleased to report that Gracie's little puppy, now affectionately known as Stitches, is growing very well and playing happily with his littermates and owners alike.