George the British Short hair and his sore leg

Recently we were visited by George, a 4 year old British Shorthair. George's owner was concerned that he had been a bit sore on his left front leg for a few days now, and wasn't improving much at all. It was soon realised that x-rays were required to investigate the problem further. These x-rays revealed that George unfortunately had a fracture in this leg, in an area equivalent to a human hand between the wrist and fingers. Due to the nature of the fracture, surgical intervention would be required to repair it.

Dr Andrew Sellars-Jones elected to place a pin in the affected bone, with this pin running through the centre of both fractured bone segments. The aim of this is to provide the required stability to ensure correct healing takes place with the right alignment. With supportive bandaging employed to further stabilise the affected leg, and a bit of T.L.C, George has made a terrific recovery and is now happily using his left foreleg once more!