Extending a warm welcome to Zuke!

Zuke is a beautiful 11 week old Labrador puppy who recently visited us for his health check and vaccinations.

Labrador puppy Zuke visits for his health check and vaccination

Regular checkups are very important for puppies as early management of developmental disorders is best.  In addition, puppies are particularly susceptible to illness from intestinal worms and need frequent treatment. Zuke has been brought up to date with his worm and flea preventatives.

Zuke was given a vaccination booster to protect against a number of life threatening, highly infectious diseases. At Blackburn Veterinary Centre, we use vaccinations that provide protection. In just a few weeks time Zuke will receive his final booster and be ready to go out and hit the beach!

Although all is looking great with Zuke currently, his owners have wisely arranged pet health insurance – knowing that if the unexpected happens, his health costs will be covered. Given restrictions on pre-existing health conditions, we recommend health insurance be arranged as soon as you adopt your new family member. 

Our team is looking forward to seeing Zuke grow into a handsome lad and wish him and his owners well for the future.

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