Ebony's story

When gorgeous Ebony first visited us with her mum Skye and her five brothers and sisters she was just 4 weeks old. Everyone adored the two baskets of puppies that would come in regularly for their worming.

During Ebony's examination at her first vaccination it was noticed that she had a rash on the back of her legs. We decided that this was most likely due to her dribbling urine (incontinence). Subsequent blood tests and urine examination did not reveal any obvious infection or kidney problems. We decided to radiograph Ebony using a special technique that would highlight her kidneys, ureters (the tubes that carry the urine from the kidney to the bladder), bladder and vagina.

The radiographic series beautifully illustrated the problem in Ebony's urinary tract (see below). She was suffering from a right-sided "ectopic ureter", a developmental abnormality that can occur in pregnancy. Ebony's right ureter bypassed her bladder and deposited urine directly into her vagina. where the bladder is controlled by sphincters that seal tightly to hold the urine until voided (urination), the vagina does not contain this mechanism so therefore the urine dribbled out as soon as it was deposited. Poor Ebony had no idea that it was ever happening! She did not know what it was like to hold on or to go to the toilet when needed.

Ebony's owner and breeder had already fallen in love with her and had committed to getting her urinary tract resolved. Ebony was referred to Specialist surgeon Dr Peter Laverty at the Melbourne Veterinary Referral Centre. Dr Laverty performed corrective surgery on her ectopic ureter and Ebony is making excellent progress with her recovery. Well done Ebony!