Danny loses some of his teeth

Danny is a gorgeous little Maltese X Poodle who has been coming to the clinic since he was just a tiny pup!  He is now over 7 years old and his teeth needed some extra attention so he was booked in for a dental treatment.

Danny loses bone supporting his teeth, requiring tooth extraction to avoid the ongonig infection and pain

Although there was only early tartar forming on a few teeth, detailed examination whilst Danny was under general anaesthetic identified a few concerns.  We detected periodontal disease (which is disease of the structures surrounding the tooth, such as the ligaments and bones) in several locations.

At Blackburn Vet Centre we now have digital dental x-ray facilities. This allows us to rapidly assess the health of the teeth underneath the gums and jaw bones, where disease is very much hidden from sight. This aids in making accurate decisions on whether a tooth is viable to be maintained with diligent home care, or whether perhaps it is suffering from permanent irreversible damage and will cause ongoing discomfort for the pet.

Dental x-rays were taken to completely assess the state of Danny's teeth. They demonstrated a significant loss of the bone supporting a few of his teeth.

Dental x-ray of Danny's teeth

Unfortunately, the extent of the damage was irreversible and would have led to ongoing infection, bone loss and pain for Danny. Therefore tooth extraction was performed.  Local anaesthetic was applied to the regional nerves to numb his mouth and keep him comfortable whilst the affected teeth were removed surgically. The extraction sites were then stitched closed with dissolving sutures to improve healing.  Danny woke up from his general anaesthetic very comfortably.

Danny will need careful treatment for the following week as his mouth heals up, but we are sure he will be chewing on his toys again in no time!