Daisy, full of bladder stones

Daisy recently visited us as she had been a bit unwell for the past two weeks. Her owner had noticed she was drinking more and visiting the toilet more than usual. During her examination an abnormality was detected while feeling her bladder. Firm, grating structures could be felt entrapped in her bladder, leading to some discomfort and understandably, problems urinating.

An x-ray of Daisy's abdomen confirmed she had bladder stones, a problem that has many potential causes including sudden dietary change, infection or even hormone imbalance. Given the size of the stones, surgery was required to remove them. This meant entering the abdomen and placing a small incision in the bladder to access the offending stones. During the procedure, a catheter is passed through the urethra and into the bladder to ensure no smaller stones can cause blockage or discomfort after the surgery.

Daisy recovered very well from the surgery and with the stones removed from her bladder, her comfort was greatly improved. The stones were sent off for analysis to determine their exact composition. Daisy will most likely require an ongoing prescription diet and monitoring of her urine to help ensure this problem does not reoccur. Knowing exactly what these stones were made of will help us determine the food which is best for her.