Crumpet's senior check

Crumpet is actually Andrew’s daughter’s dog and she’s a good example that even vets' dogs and cats still have their problems and need veterinary care.

Crumpet is a very smart 13 year old. She exhibits all the best traits of her ancestors, which include Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Shih Tsu, Maltese and Bichon Frise. Some would say her over-shot lower jaw is not her best feature but we think it’s cute!

While Crumpet enjoys her bones and other chewing aids, it’s not surprising that at her age she was experiencing some bad breath. Sure enough her teeth were in need of a scale and polish.

Being a smart senior dog, Crumpet understands the importance of regular check-ups and blood work. She has been attending the clinic every six months since becoming a “Senior Dog” at the age of eight years old. These check-ups aim to be pre-emptive in the detection of any early signs of chronic disease. These might include diabetes, kidney, liver and thyroid diseases to name a few. It’s true to say that often by the time these diseases manifest themselves (drinking lots, weight loss, poor appetite for example) they are in an advanced state which is often difficult to reverse. Regular six-monthly check-ups will increase the chance of early detection and treatment, which may involve something as simple as a change in diet.

Crumpet also knows about dental disease in pets. Our canine and feline friends are often quite stoic, but believe me they suffer as much as we do when it comes to dental pain. Not only this, but advanced dental disease puts a real strain on your pet’s immune system and circulating bacteria can damage their heart and kidneys. That’s why you’ll find us being very pedantic about dental care at Blackburn Veterinary Centre.

Crumpet is a pro-active canine. Her blood tests and pre-anaesthetic examination were fine, so it’s no wonder she sailed through her dental procedure despite her advanced years. Now she’s even more proud to show off her over-bite and her breath is beautiful too!