Coco's troublesome treat

Coco recently paid us a visit as her owners were concerned about her frequent coughing and poor energy levels. She had been chewing on some leftover pork shortly before coming into our clinic and there were concerns some of this may be stuck in her throat. X-rays were taken of her chest and revealed a suspicious change warranting further investigation.

While under an anaesthetic, an endoscopic camera was passed down Coco's oesophagus, which is the tube connecting her mouth to her stomach. The endoscope revealed a large, unchewed pig's ear lodged inside! Small graspers were passed down the scope which allowed us to remove the troublesome ear quickly and safely.

We are pleased to report Coco has recovered well and is eating happily and trouble free! Coco's story is a timely reminder to always supervise your pets while they are enjoying treats.