Claude gets his knee fixed

Claude is a two and a half year old Bichon Poodle cross. And like a few of his poodle cousins, he suffers from a condition known as medial patella luxation. This is when the patella (or knee cap) doesn't want to sit neatly in the groove at the end of the femur (thigh bone).

Next time you're sitting down, extend out your leg and make sure it's completely relaxed. You can grab your knee cap and wobble it around a bit. This is normal. But in Claude's case, the knee cap would move completely to the inside surface of his knee and stay there. When in this position, the patella causes the knee to jam into this extended position. You might have seen this happen to little dogs when they're running in the park. They can suddenly hold one of their hind legs up, then just as suddenly return to normal running when the patella flicks back into place again.

Claude's owner was very wise. She knew that if this condition is not corrected it can predispose him to chronic knee arthritis in the future.  So she recognised the signs early on, got Claude checked out at the clinic, and after a series of x-rays were performed, proceeded with surgery to correct the problem.

Surgical correction involves a three step process to realign the patella ligament, deepen the groove where it sits, and tighten down the surrounding structures to hold it in place.

Claude is well on the way to making a complete recovery, and can look forward to having a fully functional pain-free knee!