Cinder and the importance of early detection of cancer

Cinder is an 8 year old Labrador who recently visited us after her owners noticed an odd change to the skin between two of her toes. The area of concern was slightly raised and discoloured, was hairless, had a different texture to regular skin and had no pain associated. Given the unusual nature of the change, and the sudden onset, a biopsy of the area was arranged. This biopsy involved taking small but deep samples of the area, under a general anaesthetic, using specialised equipment to allow an accurate and detailed diagnosis of the problem.

Unfortunately, the results of this biopsy indicated that this new growth was a malignant cancer that was quite active and had a high chance of spreading. After discussion and consultation with veterinary oncologists (cancer specialists), the decision was made to remove one of the toes most affected by the cancer and to commence chemotherapy as quickly as possible to allow the best possible outcome for Cinder. With the early detection that has taken place, coupled with swift and decisive action, Cinder's prognosis has been greatly improved.

This scenario highlights the importance of getting all new growths and changes checked as quickly as possible by a vet; what may appear to be small and harmless can sometimes turn out to be significant and potentially life threatening to your beloved pet. If you ever notice any changes that suddenly develop, or are of concern to you, please contact your vet as soon as possible to arrange a check-up.