Charlie's two surgeries

Not many puppies can claim the dubious honour of having had two major abdominal surgeries by the time they were 18 weeks old. But poor Charlie has joined this club. Charlie is a very cute Golden Retriever. When he was only 3 months of age, he suffered from a condition called intussusception. This is where a piece of the bowel (usually the small intestine) telescopes into the next section of bowel. This sometimes happens if the intestines become overly active for some reason, for example during vomiting or diarrhoea, or some internal irritation such as worms.

Whatever the initial cause, the bowel effectively becomes blocked. So if the food and liquids that have been consumed can't get through, then they usually end up being vomited! This is certainly what happened in Charlie's case.

Charlie underwent emergency surgery which involved the telescoped section of the bowel being removed and the two ends being stitched together to restore the normal flow of gut contents. He made a full and happy recovery.

But this wasn't the end of Charlie's woes. At just over 4 months of age he again presented to the clinic feeling pretty flat and vomiting everything he ate or drank. This time we could feel a hard swelling in his abdomen which looked like a spherical bone segment on x-ray.

Poor Charlie required surgery again to remove the bone which was obstructing his small intestine. Everything started flowing again, and Charlie now feels 100%.

We hope Charlie isn't aware of the old adage "things always come in threes!"