Carrie brings her healthy pups into the world

Carrie is a 4 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who recently visited us as she was having trouble whelping (giving birth). This was Carrie's third litter and her owner was concerned during this labour that she was having trouble passing the first pup. As a result, she was promptly attended to by one of our vets.

Initial examination of Carrie revealed that everything was going according to plan early in the labour. To aid the process, medication was provided to allow stronger contractions to aid the delivery. Shortly after this was administered, the puppies were delivered at appropriate intervals and Carrie maintained good energy levels throughout the birthing.

All pups were of a good size and health, but as Carrie was attending to them, the umbilical cords of many of the pups became damaged and excessive bleeding from the newborns developed. Understandably, this required urgent attention, and small stitches were placed to stop the bleeding.

By the time the whelping had ceased, Carrie had brought four healthy pups into the world. We are pleased to say that mother and pups have progressed well since and soon the young ones will be heading off to loving homes!