Bronx's poor little paw

Bronx is the cutest little guy you've ever seen.  He's a 17 week old Australian Bulldog with a very inquisitive nature. How could anyone blame him for wanting to talk to every passer-by by trying to wedge as much of himself under the front gate as possible? As he gets bigger, of course less of him fits under the front gate!

So it really wasn't his fault when Bronx reached his little paw under the gate to say hi to a passing canine friend. Unfortunately on this occasion the friend wasn't in the mood to play and told Bronx so in no uncertain terms. Quickly pulling his extended leg back from under the iron gate, Bronx caught it on the edge and tore a decent full thickness flap of skin off his paw. Ouch! Bronx was so brave. His owners rushed him down to the clinic after applying a sturdy makeshift dressing at home.

After an examination by our veterinary team, Bronx was given pain relief immediately, then underwent surgery under general anaesthetic to close the wound.  A bandage and an antibiotic course later, Bronx was doing really well.

We have discussed the handling of bleeding wounds earlier in the year at our free First Aid Seminar. Remember that pressure needs to be applied to stop bleeding and a firm bandage is a good way of doing this prior to coming down to the clinic. If there is a foreign body (such as a decent piece of wood) in the wound it is usually best to leave it in place and bandage around it if you can. Removing the foreign object can cause more trauma and more bleeding.

Well done Bronx for being so brave!