Bob's appreciation for shoes and socks

Bob, a 12 year old Dalmatian, visited us this month as he had been losing weight and didn't seem himself. Over a period of three weeks he had experienced periods of vomiting and was very lethargic. Blood tests and x-rays of his abdomen were not able to give us a diagnosis but Bob was having trouble keeping water down so we knew it was pretty serious.

Twenty four hours after his initial visit, Bob's condition deteriorated and we were left with no choice but to perform an exploratory laparotomy. This is a useful way to directly see what is going on in the abdomen and can help give us an immediate diagnosis or rule out a potentially life threatening obstruction.

As soon as we opened up his abdomen we found the culprit! Part of his small intestine was blocked with an inner sole from a shoe he had eaten six weeks ago! It had been slowly travelling along his intestinal tract causing him to feel pretty lousy. After thorough examination elsewhere we also located a entire sock that was jammed in his stomach, probably the reason he had gone down hill so quickly.

Bob is a very lucky dog and is recovering slowly. He is now resting quietly at home and hopefully will have learnt his lesson about chewing up shoes and socks.